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William H. Nale

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06/20/12 11:27 AM #1    

Sandra L Kenner (Pritts)

Died Suddenly in NY 2010.  He will be missed.


Had a lovely conversation with his wife today.  Encouraged her to continue to stay in touch with our class.



03/29/13 11:25 AM #2    

Jeffrey C Dietze

I was a basketball teammate of Bill's and really enjoyed our friendship.  We had some great times together and I was very saddened to recently learn Bill passed away.  I do hope his family does stay in touch with Bill's AHS classmates, just as Sandy suggested.  Jeff Dietze

09/23/13 11:59 AM #3    

Helen "Lee" Nale

Willam H. Nale and I, Helen (Lee, as he always called me) would had been married on October 7, 2013, for 41 years--but we only got a little past 37 years before he unexpectedly died, within minutes of our talking to each other. There is never a day, and probably not an hour, but what a memory of Bill is in my mind.  He was the BEST and MOST LOVING Husband I could had ever wanted.  He was always there, with his warm blue eyes, and big smile, and loving arms, for any moment that I or the children (three) needed him.  He was always thinking of his family and thus was always doing sweet loving things for and with us, his family.

He loved sports, both to play and to watch. He was a skier, tennis player, and baskeball player, even in our married years.  He was out there to teach the children and I anything he could, and to have fun with us. I remember him working with our eldedest son, Jonathan, "J," (as Bill nicknamed him--he gave all the kids nicknames--part of his high spirit) helping Jonathan, as just a little guy, go across the monkey bars( and develope him into a strong man)--then about 30 years later doing the same with our first grandson, Ethan.   When our children played sports, he was very involved.  He was a ref and president of their swim team, highly respected by all.  He even coached my softball team for several years--I used his glove.  It was a great glove--had a great pocket.!!!

Our children were all very dedicated and top ranked swimmers. They played many sports and he never missed any of their events. Bill was a proud Dad.  He should had been, as he worked hard for his children and their endeavors--be they in sports, education, job--all of life.  We traved the Eastern US for their competitions, and achievements. When our daughter,Jackie, "Daddy's Little Girl," ranked 14th in the Nation in the breast stroke for 10 year olds and in the Top 100 Times Ever, he beamed with joy.  He was not a haughty Dad, but it was his love for her, and yes, he was proud, as a dedicated Dad should be.  When he couldn't downhill ski any more, he would take our Son, Chris, for his days on the slopes. Bill would wait for him in the lodge --this again was a Dad's love.  If he was watching sports on TV, you would think he was there!!!!!  

He got to know only 5 of his grandchildren, but 2 more were born within months of hid death.  Now there is another little Nale on the way, due December 2013. He would be the proud "Grampy", "Papa", "Grandpa" of 8.  Another grandson is on the way, another Nale!!!   I just know how excited he would be.  Today is his youngest grand-daughter's, Alexys', third birthday-and September 13, was his youngest grandson's (to date), Austen William's, third birthday-I know how much he would had wanted to be here.  I only hope he is where he can look at all of us he loved and all of us that loved/love him and know that he is in our hearts and minds forever.  He was an only child, but now there are several little Nales, including our daughter'sand her husband's 3 little ones.  

There is so much I could say about this Giant of a Man, yes he was 6 foot 5 inches, but was a Giant in what was beyond his height.  So I will stop here and just say he was a Man among Men, a Husband among Husbands, a Father among Fathers, and a Grandfather among Grandfathers--and he loved His Altoona School and Friends all the days of his life. ( I hope All know that those people and days were always a part of him.)  

His Loving Wife,

Mrs. William H. Nale, Lee Nale    9/23/13                   

( Dedicated to Bill and his life with his family, and his Grandaughter Alexys, on her 3rd Birthday, and Grandson, Austen William, who also just celebrated his 3rd Birthday on 9/16/13)


09/23/13 06:33 PM #4    

Robert D Park

It was my pleasure to know Bill not only in HS, but also when we went to PennState Altoona. We got into our share of troubles, never anything bad, just college boy things. I know what a pleasure having gandchildren is and I know Bill would have enjoyed his to the max.


Keep in touch with the class of "60


Bob Park



09/24/13 07:13 PM #5    

Dorothy Slomanson (Olive)

I was saddened to hear of Bill's passing.  My sincere sympathy to his family.

Bill and I went to Grace Methodist Church during our school days.  I remember fondly how he and his Mother would always stop after church and say hello to me.  

My former husband, Carl Williams, (class of 1959)  played trumpet in the band with Bill.  Carl wanted to also pass along his sympathies to the family.  He mentioned what a terrific guy Bill was.

Warm Regards,

Dorothy Olive (Dottie Slomanson)



01/01/14 10:16 AM #6    

Helen "Lee" Nale

Yesterday, December 31, 2013, Bill Nale's son, Chris, and his wife Jen, proudly gave birth to Bill's 8th grandchild--a 10 lb.15 oz., and  23 1/4 in baby boy. Bill was there and so warmly excited for the first 5 grandchildren's births.  Sadly, the last 3 births he was not able to be there with us.  (At least not in person.)  As Chris said, "if Dad were here he would be so happy, and sitting in the rocking chair, holding and rocking the baby", as he beamed looking into his grandson's beautiful little face.  Bill liked to hold those babies and rock them when he could.  This is a precious tibute to Bill Nale, as Family meant so much to him--now there is one more little Nale (well, maybe not so "little"--big boy!).  So as we start a New Year, 2014, so begins a new Nale's life.  With love in our hearts, and smiles on our faces for our current memories, and those memories that the Nale Family will continue to make, we will always be thankful to Bill for all he put into our family.

Love, Lee and All the Nale's


01/04/14 11:35 AM #7    

J Michael Faris

My most clear memory of Bill were the days playing pick-up softball in an area just below Keith Junior High Athletic Football Field during the mid to late 1950s. The field was three or four houses away from Bill's brick home on 25th avenue between 13th and 12th street.  He was always ready to play and, if not, all it took was a quick to his home and yell, "Hey Bill, lets play softball?".  He was out the door within a minute or two with his glove and bat.  Back then you didn't knock on doors too often - it was quicker just to shout-out for some one.

Bill had a huge upper-cut swing that drove the ball deep either into an outfieldfer's glove standing onto of a hill next to the swing sets or over their head if they were not standing on that hill.  We quickly learned that right field would have to become an automatic out because, if not, Bill could easily hit the house accross 13th street again - it happened a few times with his rip-roaring swing.  Eventually, we placed home plate in right field next to the13th street and 25th avenue corner  to alleviate the potential window breaking problem, even if mean't, that if the catcher missed the ball, it would roll into the busy intersection.

I wish I could remember more stories about Bill

I can't recall if Bill played on our 1960-1961 Penn State Altoona Campus basketball team that won the Pennsylvania state junior college state championship.  I was the last player to get in the game, but was always welcomed as a team player.  I clearly remember begging my mother to let me play.  She reluctantly did so only on after my grades were 2As and 3Bs that first semester. 

I slightly remember the Keith Junior High band that Bill and I were members, but I can not remember what instrument Bill played.  Bistline, the band director, drafted me for drum major - only beacuse of my heighth and the fact that my brother did it 3 years earlier.  There were some warm summer days in August marching on 22nd avenue around 12th street with Bistline screaming at us  "We are not leaving until you do it right !".  The band helped me with marching skills required in Air Force military training.  We marched in several parades and performed at football game half- times.  We had formations that spelled out something that I can not remember.

Could Bill have played the trumbone?

I am so happy for you to have enjoyed the wonerful times you and Bill had, especially with your children as you two experienced their growth into adullts.   I am sure you have and will enjoy watching their lives and their children's lives experience some of the same wonderful times you and Bill had together.

Each of your family members will ALWAYS have some of Bill in them.






07/02/14 08:10 PM #8    

Dean Hooper

I am saddened to have learned my close friend from the Altoona Campus of PSU has passed.  Bill Nale and I were close friends at Altoona Campus in the same Drafting & Design degree program.   We graduated together in 1963 and we both chose Corning Glass Works in Corning, NY as our first employer and we both worked as technicians in the Research Center.   I worked in LASER research and accross the way, Bill was working on the pyroceramic table plates, cups, and saucers.  Bill was always telling me his job was to see what it took to break the unbreakable table ware.  He spoke suspending a Pontiac Tempest with 4 teacups using their handles to suspend the automobile in order to show the strength of the cups, especially the handles.  He also told me of the "Bull In The China Shop" TV commercial where a live bull knocked over and stepped on various table ware without any breakage.

Bill and I lived in the same Corning apartment complex (Meadowbrook Apartments) which later were swept away during Hurricane Agnes when the Chemung River overflowed.  In 1965, I was transferred by Corning to Kentucky and I soon lost track of Bill.  While searching for Bill over the years since the advent of the Internet, I was not able to get a hit until now.

Fond memories - at college Bill and I were both in the Tau Epsilon Chi Fraternity.  He and I, plus a couple others hosted a Casino night and on another date of our Junior year we hosted a Dance night which was shut down by the Campus Director (Robert Eiche) because the Twist was danced by the students.

Upon graduation, we each bought our first serious car to begin employment and celebrate graduation.  Bill chose a white 1958 Oldsmobile Convertible,  with a J-38 Rocket V8 having a 3 two barrel carburetor system.  Bill was also quite proud of the car's radio which had a foot button to change channels.

Rest in peace Bill - I will also remember you, and the grand times we had together.

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